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Maybe you'd rather be here...

Maybe you'd rather be here...

Hanging Out with Michael Jackson

Michael wasn't just "The Man in The Mirror;" Michael was the mirror. You won't see the light in Michael, if you don't recognize it in yourself. You won't decode the message unless you know what you are looking for or understand what you're looking at. You have to resonate. You won't get Michael's invitation unless you understand that "we are the world" and "you're the chosen one." You have to be in touch with your Inner Michael.


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Make That Change in Michael's Name

That hearts can hurt this much
Invisible hands
squeeze round the chest
wrap the throat
wipe tears that sting
and steal the breath.
I want to apologize to you
but can’t.
I can only…
make that change
in Michael’s name.

I am so sorry we didn’t
see you!
The mind reels
and eyes reveal
your message
landed here too late.
But better late
than never to arrive.
It’s not your fault.
You tried.
So will I…
to make that change
in Michael’s name.

The harm we inflicted
not just you—but us
and the world.
Oh the dark
we cloaked you in--
that tattered
and shattered
a soul
wounded so deep
as to take your sleep
and then your life.
I only know I will…
make that change
in Michael’s name.

We mistook your life for
Gave no rest,
chased your every move,
pointed fingers,
to mock, laugh,
call names,
rip your dignity
from outstretched hands
those same ones that
held the world,
tried to save it.
So I will…
make that change
in Michael’s name.

I can’t ever make it
How could you
give so much when
we cared so little?
Held no mercy?
Heaped even more
upon your head
until you bent so far
you began to break.
I promise I will…
make that change
in Michael’s name.

The only thing we can do
Remember you
were here.
Remember too that
no matter how much
we hurt you--
fisher of mankind,
you were ready to return,
to defy human nature
and try again
to capture us.
The least I can do now…
make that change
in Michael’s name.

(c) B.Kaufmann 2010 & beyond
*Note: Permission granted to reprint with (c) and author credits.


Anne said...

Dear Barbara, Thank you for this.It is beautiful.I'm going to copy this out and put it where I can see it often.Ive cried so much over what we've lost and I don't think my heart will ever heal properly but together we WILL make a change in Michaels name.With Love Anne UK.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Barbara ...
We say it so well, with so much emotion. We speak with one voice. You express me so well. Thank you.

ladypurr said...

Tears flow heartfelt and lovely!

We find inspiration in knowing that Michael is counting on us to be all that we can be so that we will inspire others to do the same.

We DO stand at the threshold of a powerful elevation of consciousness. I can feel it more every day, in the tiniest of things.

Forever in our hearts, dear, sweet Michael. We will be there with you,again,one day.

Thank you, Barbara!

--Susan T

Kat. said...

Hi Barbara! Sending to you a BIG hug!

a day as today MJ make the annucement of TII concerts!
He said "This is It..See you in July" It breaks my heart!!

I've always love the song "Will you be there?" and when I see these videos I notice more how spiritual was MJ. You have talked a lot about it.. but it would be nice if you talk only of the song "WYBT" I know you have the correct words to explain better than me.!

Sorry for my bad english!

and Thank you again! Muack!

Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful. I've been in an emotional mood all day, what with realizing it is the day that would have been the last day of Michael's 02 residency.

What would his future have held past this night? We can only guess now, of course.

Thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,beautiful as always.
Your articles are always so beautiful,so true,that I don´t find words to say how much I apreciate your innermichael.
Michael will always be in our heart and soul.
Thank you
From Portugal with love