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Hanging Out with Michael Jackson

Michael wasn't just "The Man in The Mirror;" Michael was the mirror. You won't see the light in Michael, if you don't recognize it in yourself. You won't decode the message unless you know what you are looking for or understand what you're looking at. You have to resonate. You won't get Michael's invitation unless you understand that "we are the world" and "you're the chosen one." You have to be in touch with your Inner Michael.


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More about the Spiritual nature of his work.


Michael Jackson and the Divine Feminine

We live in a world of duality. Duality means simply that if something is this, then it cannot be that. If it is not this, then it must be the other—the opposite. If it’s not up, it must be down; if not in, then it’s out; if you’re not right, then you must be wrong; it’s either black or it’s white. Things in our world tend to be polarized. The world of polarity sets up competition, jealousy, social strata, classism, racism and all the other isms of the world. It can be tribal—you’re one of us or you’re not. That approach is divisive, not inclusive and is a “male” or “masculine”principle. Male principle is active while female principle is passive. The human being has characteristics of both principles yet one is suppressed in favor of the other. Nature expresses both until humans mess with the balance. And the imbalance is reflected in the approach to nature and culture. Duality is an out-of-balance state.

In human affairs the male has traditionally been identified with leadership: the provider and protector. And women have been associated with mothering and keeping home and hearth. At one time, women couldn’t vote, work outside the home, go to public places unescorted, be leaders, politicians or own property. Women’s rights are relatively new on the scene. Equality for women began in earnest less than a half century ago with the "Women's Movement." In some places in the world, women are still oppressed.

Men have been in charge of the world, made the decisions, lead the armies, formed the government, governed the people. The masculine principle has governed human and world affairs for a long time. Women thought to be the weaker sex, were considered incapable of competent decision making or leadership. Women were excluded from real leadership roles.

Not so long ago, girls didn’t play with toy guns and boys didn’t have dolls. It was desirable to be macho, aggressive, warlike and superior—very masculine ways of being. And women were to be soft, feminine, perfumed and quiet. Not so long ago women and children were considered chattel and treated as possessions. Some cultures still treat genders unequally.

Gender bias plays out in the cultural world as a lack of balance. The acts of negotiation, reconciliation, cooperation, collaboration and diplomacy are feminine approaches to problems. The masculine way is mostly authoritarian, dictatorial war-like, to take by force, to invade or thrust into, to coerce. The imbalance that allowed the masculine to be considered the superior way and indeed the only way in some cultures has had a devastating effect on our planet. War has been the primary way of settling differences on Earth. The symbols and instruments of war are masculine—guns, bombs, tanks, gunships, stealth fighters and bombers, bullets, and rockets. How is it that these symbols of war are all phallic shapes? They mimic the male sexual organ in erection. The masculine is considered invasive while the feminine is receptive. Both sexes have inner traits of the opposite sex-- the anima for males and animus for females.

God is depicted as male. In fact the Christian Trinity is an all male club. "Male" systems are mostly authoritarian, hierarchical and patriarchal. The way of the masculine is violence, power and materialism. The male principle is largely responsible for the eco-disaster of pollution, global warming and overuse of scarce resources. Masculine without the balance of the feminine destroys equilibrium in a culture, in nature and on a world. Devaluing the feminine has had a devastating effect on Western culture. A society based in hierarchy rules from the top with power and exploits the masses. The feminine principle values family, children, home and environment, compassion, unity, inclusion, sacred circle. When the feminine is devalued, true intimacy and vitality are not possible.

The masculine and feminine principle operates not only culturally but spiritually and throughout the Universe. The Universe is a blend of both energies. Light is masculine while darkness is feminine; the moon is feminine while the sun is masculine. The Universe is a beautiful blending of the Yin (feminine principle) and Yang (masculine principle.) In flux and in balance, the play of light and darkness, of opposites blending and energies mingling is what makes creation work well.

There is a resurgence of the Divine Feminine on the planet, an impulse toward balance, a movement toward harmony. The planet is being viewed no longer as real estate, a male or masculine view. Earth is beginning to be seen as a system, an interdependent web, a living being called Gaia, the feminine goddess. This concept of wholeness and balance is a more healthy and balanced approach to planetary affairs. The arising of Divine Feminine energies on the planet is bringing back an interest in education, nurturing children and improving the quality of life. There is an impulse toward embracing life and beauty, nurturing and growing things—including people.

Machismo fears being seen as feminine so rarely were males depicted as sensitive, nurturing and gentle. Avoiding the "girly man" image was once an almost phobic pasttime for men. Some are still phobic about being identified with anything "feminine." Toughness is prized in maleness. If one cannot be " kind with self, it becomes harder to be kind to a planet, its ecosystem or its peoples. Bill Cosby was one of the first males to embrace a different kind of father figure and head of family. More and more men are finding a way to allow their feminine side expression. They are more yin and yang balanced because there is more cultural permission to be balanced with an integrated anima, Carl Jung's name for the inner feminine.

When you look at the work of Michael Jackson, you find many references to the Divine Feminine. In his “Bad” era he examines and dissects male aggression and its effect. He places fighting for the sake of posturing and machismo under a microscope. “The whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again… who’s bad.” It is a parallel archetypal reference to the whole world being held hostage by the masculine.

In “Beat It” he highlights opposing gang members and how “funky” fighting is and how aggression because of “differences” and disputes leads them down a dangerous dead end road. He asks them to reconcile within themselves, to walk away, to leave because “no one wants to be defeated.” If you don’t fight, there is no defeat.

In “Black or White” Michael says it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be this or that- one or the other. Identifying with an either-or mentality or racism which is a masculine principle of exclusion won’t work if you want to “be my baby” or “my brother.” Michael says "I'm not going to spend my life being a color." The concept of oneness, equality, racial indifference, inclusion, family, brotherhood, ‘we not me’, nurturing children, remembrance, and respect for all life is the Divine Feminine Principle in action and it is found throughout Michael's work.

In "Remember the Time" music video, Michael not only looks at a time when the feminine had more power-- ancient Egypt, he chose the oldest and most enduring culture on Earth for the setting of this film. Egypt is rich in spiritual myth, mystery and mysticism-- all feminine principles. It is said "man fears time but time fears the pyramids." Michael conveys and completely embodies the Divine Feminine in his costuming, appearance, and dance. The bird at the Pharaoh’s head which caused a bit of humor and concern for Eddie Murphy, is the symbol for Mother Maat, the Divine Feminine Mother Goddess of Egypt.

Michael was not afraid of being both masculine and feminine in his lyrics, his voice, dance and his films. He identified strongly with darkness and the moon—both Divine Feminine principles. Michael Jackson, through his body of work was doing his part to bring the masculine and feminine energies back to a world that had lost the balance. Michael was a great teacher, and a master of subliminal and not so subliminal suggestion.

He taught about the Divine Feminine, embodied it in his work, voice and self. Michael was not afraid to cry or express emotion. He promoted non-violence, the way of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other great leaders. The message is-- it's OK to be a sensitive male; it's OK to feel; it's OK to cry. Many men didn't understand how women found Michael's attraction so magnetic and seductive. Threatened by Michael's attractiveness to females and his bold sensuality/sensitivity, they declared he must be gay! Michael was not gay and he kept his sexuality and intimate life private, as it should be. I suspect the reason so many females around the world were so attracted to Michael was because he expressed his feminine side through his sensitivity and work while expressing his sensual male side with with leather and buckles and dance moves. Michael masterfully was both at the same time: an embodiment of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine-- the adept spiritual warrior in action.


9sassylove said...

This is a very interesting concept that I am not familiar with. I will have to digest this further in order to wrap my head around it. Thank you so much for this interpretation. I will be back to read more.

FreedIndeed said...

I'm not familiar with this concept but I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I am glad I found your site and hope to see more of your wirtings in the future. God bless Michael.

nikki said...

Excellent blog. I used to do a lot of reading on this topic but have since forgotten most of what I had read. It is sad how women have had to suffer so long, and still do to this day especially in other countries, from old-school philosophies that are not spiritually-based at all. Even flowers are male and female, even the smallest of creatures. There is dual within everything, so why not dual in Creation? Would it make sense that there is only a male God yet no Goddess when it takes a male and female to "make" another being? I think a man (or woman) who is a good mixture of both qualities is almost always one of higher spiritual existence. Those who are all about the machismo or the opposite typically have no spiritual aspect in what they are saying or doing. Michael was able to be in touch with his feminine side not only because he was sensitive but also because he was so spiritual (which goes back to being sensitive). He took a lot of slack from it, especially from guys who I would say most of them envied him. I never once thought he was gay and when I heard some people accuse him of such I was blown away by it. I was shocked. More men need to cry, show emotion, and care like a mother for their children. I have also seen Michael be a typical guy, checking out girls and making funny "guy comments" yet most people would not even open up to the possibility of this coming from Michael. People can be so blind, not only to Michael, but to spirituality, too. It is time for a wake-up call. It is time for a new way of living and looking at the world, and looking at people, too. It would make the world such a better and more peaceful place.

Rachel said...

Interesting thoughts! With regards to what is perceived as the Western "machismo" male ideal ---I think that comes more from ancient Sparta than anything. Men, by nature, are naturally physically stronger, etc, and women more naturally ... not weaker ...just not as *built* for tough, hard jobs in the same sense as men. Does this mean women can't be/aren't physically strong? Heck no. You have to be strong to bear children, and our ancestor women were strong, living off the land, and hard labor each day.

This is one reason why Catholicism (and really, Christianity as a whole) when *properly lived out,* respects and values both male and female. Equal but different. Complementary; we complete each other, are fully human with man and woman. In John Paul II's beautiful Theology of the Body we find this, and in his encylical on the dignity of women (I believe it was titled Mulieris Dignitatem), in which he discusses the "female genius." Also in the Church, we have devotion to Mary. Though certainly *not* a goddess, she is very human, she is the Mother of God and reflects, embodies the feminine aspects of God, in the same way that Jesus enfleshes the male aspects. God technically has no sex, but we call Him Father and her Mother. We call Him Father for many reasons, one of them being that is how Jesus addressed Him. Jesus of course was a man, but also the second person of the Holy Trinity. He the Bridegroom, the Church the Bride. The Holy Spirit, however, like the Father, is not sexed. Sex is of the body; in the same way angels technically are sexless. (We human beings are a perfect union of body and soul, so for us our sex extends beyond the body. Our soul reflects it, too.)

We do traditionally address the Spirit as "He" though, for continuity with the Father and the Son. Though in iconography and more Eastern Christianity, we find the Holy Spirit as Holy Wisdom, commonly represented at Hagia Sophia, and is feminine. :)

Christianity, when actually lived out, has no dichotomy between male and female -- no, Jesus preached equality of the two, in their own separate gifts. This was one thing the ancient Romans were threatened by, with the early Christians. Among many of the so very different teachings and lifestyles, Christianity had equality of the sexes, a harmony of difference. Whereas in Rome during a certain period, the general thinking was that women did not have souls, and were inferior to men.

I disagree with those that say men are not naturally sensitive or emotional, that is learned, I think. Jesus was certainly sensitive and emotional! He was fully human, and fully man, along with fully Divine. Men kissed each other and embraced, and cried more in the past, without those weird stigmas like today. It was not "homosexual" back then, but *human.* Expressing human love and affection for family and friends. (Jacob meeting Rachel and Leah's father -- they kiss and embrace) I am not sure where the present stigma comes from entirely, but it is a great disservice to our boys. Teaching our sons to be compassionate and kind does not rob them of their masculinity - it enriches it.

I, too, am fascinated by the sheer number of women (myself very much included!!) who are so attracted to Michael. Who adore his sweetness and warmth and kindness, his love of children and animals, etc, etc. I have also thought about writing about it... hm...

I wholly agree that Michael was in touch with God's masculine and feminine side, while remaining true to his God-given masculinity. Crying is not weak or "feminine" or "effeminate." Nope, it's human. Same with feelings, etc.

Rachel said...

Men are strongest when they express their inner selves, pay attention to their souls, etc. Women are strongest when we not only do those emotional/inner things, but are strong and determined and courageous, like so many of the lady saints and martyrs, like Our Lady. We, men and women, learn and grow *together.* Together, we form a full humanity.

I think I just rambled on BIG TIME. ahaha. Sorry. :P

MJ said...

we need eqaulity conerning inner female and inner male.Polarities are not opposites rather needed for spiriual growth

Its about time and I think the time is now.Michael was a lightening rod.So bright he shone that a lot of people were blinded.

In retospect perhaps we can see its effect with clarity,I hope so

sheryl said...

Beautifully said. Perfectly said. I've enjoyed everything you've written and find it matches so much of what I've been experiencing since my world suddenly shifted on June 25. Michael was a "lightning bolt" that suddenly illuminated the darkness. "Gone too soon..." but the memories and the fires he started hopefully will continue to grow. Humanity needs his energy he's still giving to us.

isabeau said...

Perfectly said, you coul not tell it in a better way...

Prasanna said...

I am not trying to make it as a religious comment. Just I would like to share my personal feeling with you all here. Your interpretation of Michael reminded me of my thoughts about Michael. I always compared Michael to lord Shiva, a major Hindu deity who is also called as Nataraj, means king of dancers or God of dance. Lord Shiva is also called as Rudra by some group of people. I would like to give some meanings of word Rudra. You can also get them from google search.

Ru means to cry and dru means to run. Rudra is the one who cries, who makes one cry and one who runs away while crying.
Rut means sorrow of the materialistic world. One who vanquishes and overcomes it is Rudra. I have seen this all this beautiful nature in Michael and his influence on millions.
Rut (should be pronounced as ruth as in truth) means the truth, according to Hindu core scriptures. One who has realised or expounded the truth is Rudra.
Rut is speech consisting of words or the knowledge of self-realisation expounded through this medium. One who bestows this to worshippers is Rudra.

Another name for him is Ardhanarishvara which is a combination of three words- 'ardha', 'nari' and 'ishvara', meaning respectively, 'half', 'woman' and 'Lord' or 'God', that is, Ardhanarishvara is the Lord whose half is woman ( that means he has tender and loving characters; don't take it in a wrong way). Every human has both qualities. It is unfortunate that most men kill motherhood in their hearts which is a beautiful character to possess.

This also reminds me of an excerpt from a beautiful poem by Ruth Peel and can be very well suited to Michael as well:

"The source of all movement,
Shiva's dance,
Gives rhythm to the universe.
He dances in evil places,
In sacred,
He creates and preserves,
Destroys and releases .

We are part of this dance
This eternal rhythm,
And woe to us if, blinded
By illusions,
We detach ourselves
From the dancing cosmos,
This universal harmony…"

Michael has created beautiful music and dance moves to destroy cruelty and release joy from millions of heart. No matter what ever pain he had to go through he seemed remained detached from all that and continued to spread love and spiritual messages to this world. There are many reasons I would feel Michael can be compared with Lord Shiva. It is ignorance if the world cannot see this beautiful spiritual messenger and great humanitarian in him. Apologize if any one feels offended from my comments.